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Discussion 2
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Discussion 2
Question One
Most of the Project X students welcomed the online transition, sighting numerous
advantages such as saving time that would otherwise be wasted commuting to campus. Carein-connecting was highly reported among students in teams with high belonging due to
inclusive online environments. This indicates that students in inclusive online environments
benefit more from online instruction, mainly if the members are at ease speaking up, asking
for help, being valued, and having support for their ideas (Logemann et al., 2022). The
student went as far as considering digital learning platforms as “interesting, fun, and
enjoyable” (Logemann et al., 2022, p. 4). However, some students, especially in the lowbelonging teams, pointed out challenges due to the change. Some challenges they pointed out
included communications issues and difficulty organizing virtual meetings since the
pandemic forced some team members to reorganize their lives amidst the pandemic.
However, the students completed their tasks successfully by utilizing collaboration platforms
as enablers of inclusion, kindne …
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Discussion 2.edited
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