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Discussion #1 – Epistemology Options Discussion Board
Christian or Biblical Epistemology
The books, ranging from Romans to Psalms to 2 Timothy are all written by different
individuals and recount events in Biblical history that are pertinent to Christians and believers. In
their recounting and narration of these events, they all find space to point out how God’s
existence can be inferred from the work that he has done, which is manifested in every person’s
environment largely through nature and all creation. In both aspects, the narrative aspect as well
as the assertion that God’s work can be seen in creation (Psalm 19:1-6; 2 Timothy 3:14-17), one
can see that these passages form part of the body of knowledge and epistemology that informs
the actions of believers and Christians, as well as their very belief system.
According to Creswell & Poth (2018), one approach to qualitative research is when
narration is used as a way to conduct research. In this approach, the phenomenon being studied,
such as the nature of God, is exposited through written text in the form of a story (Creswell &
Poth, 2018). In the books of the Bible, different authors write about their life stories as well as
the stories of other servants of God throughout history. Therefore, biblical passages are indeed
consistent with narrations of oral history, life history, and even biographical studies in some
In the same vein, the authors inform (through narration) the readers exactly how to
approach th …
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Discussion 1 Epistemology Options Discussion Board Discussion Pr
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