Dis 3 Operation Forecasting

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DIS 3- Operation: Forecasting
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DIS 3- Operation: Forecasting
In this particular scenario involving the production of laptops, I would use a time-series
forecasting method, specifically the moving average, to predict future demand. The moving
average technique would be suitable due to its ability to use recent averages to predict future
trends (Winkowski, 2019). Given that the supplies have to be acquired earlier than the schedule,
the moving average technique would help generate accurate forecasts since it has the capacity to
incorporate new data whenever it is generated. Therefore, as days go by and the demand for
laptops fluctuates, the moving average technique allows one to drop older values, incorporate
new ones, and regenerate the average. The choice of this technique is informed by its ability to
generate up-to-date forecasts as time goes by (Che-Jung et al., 2020). Also, I chose the timeseries forecasting method as it is compatible with the grey system theory, which performs
accurate predictions even with a few observations (Che-Jung et al., 2020). According to
Winkowski (2019), accurate forecasts ar …
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Dis 3 Operation Forecasting
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