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Improving Quality of Life for Dementia Patients and Caregivers Through Earlier
Dementia is a growing public health concern that impacts patients, caregivers, and
society. As the population ages, the number of people living with dementia is expected to
increase significantly. Early diagnosis and intervention provide opportunities to improve the
quality of life for those affected. This paper analyzes and evaluates three scholarly articles that
examine cultural, ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations regarding earlier dementia
detection and care.
Article 1: The impact of early dementia diagnosis and intervention on informal caregivers
Gaugler, J. E., Kane, R. L., Kane, R. A., Clay, T., & Newcomer, R. C. (2003). The effects of
duration of caregiving on institutionalization. The Gerontologist, 43(1), 78-89.
This peer-reviewed journal article examines how the time spent caregiving impacts
caregiver stress and patient institutionalization. The authors conducted a quantitative study
analyzing data from over 4,000 caregivers. They found that longer caregiving duration
significantly increased patient institutionalization rates (Gaugler et al., 2003). This indicates that
early diagnosis and support services could delay nursing home placement. The article appears in
a reputable gerontology journal, using a robust dataset, supporting its credibility. Th …
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Diamentia Research And Summaries 14 9 23.edited
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