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Internal Memo Describing a Business Problem
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Internal Memo Describing a Business Problem
Exploring Online Services for Increased Sales
As a manager regulating the day-to-day tasks of a little grocery chain, I have noticed a
consistent decrease in sales throughout the course of recent months. This unsettling pattern has
not slipped unnoticed, and the strain to invert it is overwhelming. Identifying and rectifying this
issue is crucial, given my aspirations to apply for a general manager position. A major competitor
has introduced an online pick-up and delivery service, potentially impacting our sales. Although
I have brought up this issue with the general manager, there has been little enthusiasm. It is
essential to look into whether the lack of an online service impacts our in-store sales to preserve
our competitiveness. This memo outlines the business problem and proposes a research strategy
to address it effectively.
Statement of the Business Problem:
The business problem at hand revolves around the declining sales figures in our store.
The independent variable, introducing a competitor’s online pick-up and delivery service, is
suspected to be a contributing factor. The sales performance of our store, which has shown a
noticeable decline over the previous six months, is the dependent variable in our situation.
Review of the Literature:
Determining the Impact of E-commerce Quality on Customer …
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