Defining Security Issues.edited

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Defining Security Issues.
Institutional Affiliation
Defining Security Issues.
An organization managing public information on its web browser.
Loss of confidentiality: low-impact
Justification: Everyone has access to public information on purpose. Since the material is
already public, the loss of confidentiality may be impacted. While some publicly available data
may be sensitive, it is assumed that sensitive material is not in the public domain. (Kwon,
Ashley, Castleberry, Mckenzie, & Gourisetti, 2020)
Loss of availability: moderate impact.
Justification: Even though it is public information, its availability is critical because the
organization relies on its website for communication and reputation. Because prolonged
unavailability could impair the organization’s image and impede communication, there is an
assessment of a moderate impact.
Loss of integrity: low-impact.
Justification: Confidential data is more sensitive compared to public information.
Misinformation may result from a loss of integrity, however, the overall impact is often minimal
compared to other circumstances.
Extreme management of sensitive information by an organization.
Loss of confidentiality: high impact.
Justification: Investigations involving sensitive material involve active cases, informants,
and classified data. The loss of secrecy could undermine existing investigations, jeopardize the
safety of informants, and represent a substantial threat to national security or public safety,
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