Decision Making

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Emergency Management – Decision Making/Leadership
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Emergency managers face complex and dynamic situations that require them to make
quick and effective decisions. The ability to be flexible is essential in such circumstances. Based
on my understanding of the material, the case study that is most relevant to me is The benefits of
keeping a small footprint when stepping out of your lane.
The case study exemplifies the importance of emergency managers’ ability to collaborate
within diverse jurisdictions and authorities to respond efficiently to disasters. When responding
to disasters, emergency managers encounter various stakeholders with distinct jurisdictional and
authority boundaries, such as political leaders, community organizations, and other agencies,
necessitating collaboration (Glarum & Adrianopoli, 2019).
To manage these intricate relationships, emergency managers need to be versatile and
accommodating. They must comprehend and appreciate each stakeholder’s functions and
obligations while also ensuring a clear and coordinated response (Glarum & Adrianopoli, 2019).
Achieving this necessitates exceptional communication and collab …
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Decision Making
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