Data Analysis And Planning

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Data Analysis and Planning
Data Analysis and Planning
Part 1
To investigate the issue of “What strategies can Maruti Suzuki India adopt to maintain
and strengthen its market leadership in the A-segment of the Indian automotive market,
considering evolving consumer preferences and increasing competition?” In addition to using
particular analysis tools and techniques, I intend to combine quantitative and qualitative research
methodologies. I will use inferential statistics for the quantitative portion of the study in order to
get insights into the purchasing habits and preferences of the target audience. Regression analysis
is one technique I want to employ, as it is indicated in Exhibit 2 of the case study that is attached.
I will be able to investigate the connections between different elements—like financing plans,
processing times, and customer preferences using this method. Based on a study by Dr. Ajoy S.
Joseph that looked at how auto finance plans affect consumer behavior; I think this is
appropriate. According to his research, which is shown in Exhibit 2, car buyers placed a high
value on explanations of financing plans and processing times (Muthukrishnan et al., 2023).
Since it sheds light on the significance of financing choices in customer decision-making, this is
in line with my research question.
My analysis will heavily rely on qualitative research as well since my goal is to validate
my hypothesis regarding the significance …
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Data Analysis And Planning
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