Cyb 420 Security Control Implementation Assessment Breanna Weston

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Security Control Implementation Assessment.
CYB 420
Breanna Weston
The ACME Company is planning to shift into a new market in the next seven years in order to
increase its chances of being awarded contracts by the federal government. In order for ACME to
undertake this move, they will need to evaluate the organization’s hardware as well as their
current organization setup. It will need to be broken down into its component parts, which are
people, process, and technology respectively. The evaluation will look like this.
People Risk Domain and Implementation.
When taking a guise at the people risk field, there are a few different susceptibilities that are
present. The issue of authentication credentials needs to be tackled front on right now. Because it
is necessary for every worker to have access to the network even if it must be kept safe,
credentials will be required of every worker. In order to protect against this vulnerability, some
security procedures will need to be implemented. The first step in this process is to provide each
employee with their own distinctive username. This login will be protected with a password that
adheres to the password policy established by the firm. These controls fulfill two different roles.
To begin, the one-of-a-kind username will make it possible to apply the principle of least
privilege, and using that username will grant access to a certain section of the network. Second,
the password procedure will make it such that unauthorized use …
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Cyb 420 Security Control Implementation Assessment Breanna Weston
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