Current Threats And Vulnerabilities

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Information Threats and Vulnerabilities
Information security is an important concept in today’s digital world. As
individuals and organizations use digital devices, they are at risk of losing sensitive
information. The loss can be a great setback considering the information’s value. The
common threats include malware, phishing, SQL injection attacks, and malicious
insiders. In these threats, a malicious code deployed by an attacker repudiates,
destroys, or alters the user’s data. Vulnerabilities range from identity management,
shared platforms, and security tools to human error. Employee education can help to
minimize cyber attacks by increasing users’ awareness of these risks. After employees
have become aware of the threats and vulnerabilities, they are able to manage them.
Information security entails the protection of data communications through
cyber security systems. This security has become a significant concern in today’s
digital era when all aspects of life revolve around technology. It has been prompted
by the security challenges where individuals’ and organizations data has been stolen
by hackers (Butun et al., 2020). Cybercrime has become prevalent, where sensitive
consumer information and intellectual property have been stolen. It has resulted in
financial and reputational losses for individuals and organizations. The greatest
concern is how cyberspace can be made secure and how intruders can b …
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Current Threats And Vulnerabilities
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