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Sample Hazard Profile/Hazard Analysis Worksheet
Hazard: Blizzards
Location: Cass County, North Dakota
Frequency/probability of Occurrence:
❑ 4 – Highly likely (Near 100% probability in the next year)
❑ 3 – Likely (Between 10% and 100% probability in the next year, or at least one chance
in the next 10 years)
❑ 2- Possible (Between 1% and 10% probability in the next year, or at least one chance in
the next 100 years)
❑ 1 – Unlikely (Less than 1% probability in the next 100 years)
❑ 0 – No chance
Seasonal pattern or calendar link?
 No
 Yes. Specify season(s) or dates when hazard occurs:
Blizzards are most likely to occur during the winter months, typically from November to
March. Historical occurrences indicate that blizzards can happen during this period.
Include historic occurrences information.
Probable duration:
Blizzards can last for several hours to several days.
Potential Speed of Onset:
❑ Minimal or no notice
❑ 6 to 12 hours notice
❑ 12 to 24 hours notice
❑ More than 24 hours notice
Available warning mechanisms:
Weather forecasts, blizzard warnings, and winter storm advisories are issued by the
Sample Hazard Profile Worksheet, page 1
National Weather Service (NWS) and local meteorological agencies. Public advisories are
communicated through various channels, including televisi …
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Crosswalk…worksheet2 4
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