Criminal Justice Terrorrism

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Criminal Justice: Terrorism
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‘Terrorism’ is a widely used term however, does not demonstrate a specific definition in
its use. It results in the emergence of conflicting ideas on the definition range and essence
(Wojciechowski, 2009). Alternatively, terrorism keeps changing especially with the
advancement of technology. It makes it poses a challenge in legal terms when a case involves
terrorism. Therefore, the paper focuses on depicting the challenges of defining terrorism, the
importance of the definition, differentiating ordinary crime and terrorism, and defining lone wolf
Difficult in Defining Terrorism
The terrorism term forms one of the most commonly used words on a daily basis by
individuals. It depicts the possibility of the word being understood in the same manner however,
includes different interpretations and definitions. One of the major reasons for hindering the
definition of terrorism is the inability to separate terrorism from the phenomena of occurrences
such as terror, warfare, and guerilla (Wojciechowski, 2009). Depending on the ethnic, political,
religious, or terrorist group of an individual terrorism refers to an act of struggling to gain
national independence. An example is the IRA in Irish nationalists, which forms a struggle for
independence movement however; most of the people consider it as terrorism. It is therefore a
challenge to differentiate the bor …
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Criminal Justice Terrorrism
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