Credibility And Authority Assessment

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Credibility and Authority Assessment
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Credibility and Authority Assessment
The fact that this work is taken from Seminole State College’s database does not innately
give a component of credibility to the article. The credibility of a source is up in the air by
different factors, for example, the standing of the source, the peer-review process, and the
authors’ skill. While being in a database is a positive sign, surveying the source’s reliability is
essential. For this situation, it’s vital to check whether the database thoroughly determines the
articles it incorporates and whether it is partnered with a respectable academic institution
(Eriksen et al., 2014). Also, the credibility of the actual report relies upon the authors’
qualifications and the quality of their research methods and data analysis.
The article’s publication date is December 2014. Whether this date is momentum enough
for the issue concerning pollution and the oceans relies upon the particular setting of the research.
While the data might be a couple of years old, it can be valuable, mainly if the research methods
and discoveries rem …
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Credibility And Authority Assessment
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