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West makes a point of telling us that we are currently engaged in “the pursuit of pleasure and of
diverting entertainments,” and therefore we are disengaged from the political problems that
plague our democracy. Offer an analysis of American society as you understand it and qualify
his judgments. In what ways does the pursuit of pleasure in our society disengage us from our
problems? Is American society as materialistic as West suggests? And if so, how does
materialism affect society’s attitude toward democracy as it exists in our time? How does the
pursuit of pleasure hamper our ability to change our political system to make it more
Name 2
Cornel West’s Essay “The Deep Democratic Tradition in America.” Is an informative
read that goes deep to uncover the elements of American Democracy. Even though most
individuals have often viewed America as a highly democratic country, West, in this essay,
unearths a number of aspects which indicate the downsides of the political system in America.
Based on this work, it becomes eminent that there are various loopholes in America’s democracy
which pierces into the popular, and almost misleading notion that America’s democracy is at its
highest and has brought about freedom for its people. There are various aspects which have since
come to the rise hence diverting people’s attention in their pursuit for democracy and hence the
freedom associated wit …
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