Conflict Theory Part Ii

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Conflict theory and its relation with racism
Racism occurs as a result of inequality due to unequal distribution of resources. The
conflict theory was developed by Karl Marx to show how human beings scramble for limited
resources in society. Where there is inequality, certain groups are favored and prioritized while
others suffer without being considered as equal members. This leads to reaction that affects
peaceful integration in society. Individuals strive to increase their wealth and power and this
leads to creation of dominant and minority groups in a society. In the long-run, the minorities
suffer because they lack equal opportunities and resources to compete with the dominant groups
leading to negative reaction that disrupt peaceful coexistence among people.
Theory summary
The conflict theory was developed by Karl Marx and it shows how the society takes
shape from competition for the limited resources. Karl argued that at any given time, the society
comprises of people from different groups and classes that are constantly competing for power
and resources (Berberoglu, 2017). The dominant group always have the power and ability to
control the distribution of resources. The minorities lack power and accept the will and direction
of the ruling elites because they have the final say in terms of how resources will be distributed.
In a capitalism economy, the dominant group grows wealth on the expense of the working …
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Conflict Theory Part Ii
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