COMS327 Renaissance Reading Discussion

COMS327 Renaissance Reading Discussion

Coms 327 SMC Renaissance Reading Discussion

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COMS327 Renaissance Reading Discussion
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Reading Response 3 The Renaissance

1) At this point we have read about several different eras of rhetoric. What similarities do these Renaissance rhetoricians have in common with their Grecian, Roman, and Christian counterparts? (This may not be limited just to their concepts on rhetoric think about the social norms that are presented in each of these eras)

2) Agricola and his discipline Ramus focus much of their attention on the construction of arguments and limit how much eloquence of a speaker may matter. As a rhetorical student yourself do you feel that they were right in believing that eloquence does not matter and in fact can be a problem? Why or why not?

3) The humanists gave us a lot of different ideas that are classified as different subjects today. What are those subjects and what connection to rhetoric do they have