Comprehensive Analysis And Strategies For Lowe.edited

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Comprehensive Analysis and Strategies for Lowe’s Home Improvement
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Colangelo College of Business, Grand Canyon University
MGT-660: Strategic Management
August 28, 2023
Comprehensive Analysis and Strategies for Lowe’s Home Improvement
The Strategic Case Analysis of Lowe’s Home Improvement has provided a
comprehensive understanding of the company’s current situation and the strategies it should
consider for sustained growth and competitiveness. This extended executive summary will delve
into each analysis section while addressing key points and recommendations.
Introduction and Company Background
The introduction introduces Lowe’s Home Improvement as a prominent home
improvement retail sector player, facing intense competition from industry leader Home Depot.
This analysis underscores the need for Lowe’s to strategically adapt to changing market
dynamics. The company’s background underscores its significance in the industry, setting the
stage for a comprehensive assessment of its internal and external environments (Business
Strategy Insights, 2021). This strategic exploration will guide recommendations to enhance
Lowe’s competitive edge and sustain growth in a rapidly evolving market landscape.
External Environment Analysis
The external environment analysis for Lowe’s Home Improvement reveals significant
factors shaping its strategic landscape. The PESTEL analysis underscores the impact of
economic conditions, technological advancements, and ch …
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