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Communications Management
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Communications Management
Situation 1
Answer: C. Begin by asking each person for ideas about how to solve the problem
In this situation, encouraging excellent group interaction and using the group’s various
ideas is crucial. Beginning with open-ended talks and inviting group participants to offer their
thoughts, option c allows you to use their multiple points of view and problem-solving methods.
In addition, the ideals of interpersonal communication and distinction align with this. Therefore,
you show emotional intelligence and foster teamwork by appreciating each group participant’s
contribution (Cui, 2021). By utilizing the group’s collective intellect, paying attention to their
different perspectives might create new solutions. Therefore, this strategy offers a healthy group
dynamic by respecting personal contributions while encouraging awareness of group
participants’ authority and possession awareness.
Situation 2
Answer: D. Create a series of challenging but manageable experiences for him and make
yourself available to act as his mentor
Taking a helpful and mentoring-focused strategy (Option D) is necessary to help the new
group participant gain trust and the ability to make informed decisions. Furthermore, you may
offer chances for development while guaranteeing a safety network by introducing the person
progressively to difficult but doable situations. Th …
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