Colorado ORG500 Approaching Zero Waste Essay

Colorado ORG500 Approaching Zero Waste Essay

ORG 500 Colorado State University Global Approaching Zero Waste Essay

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Colorado ORG500 Approaching Zero Waste Essay
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Approaching Zero Waste

Household waste production has a large impact on the environment. Much of it ends up in landfills, while some of it ends up in rivers and oceans. And the more we consume, the more raw materials we use, and the more habitats are polluted or even destroyed in the process of extracting those materials. In this paper you will investigate the concept of achieving a zero-waste lifestyle. Begin by viewing view these three short videos on reducing waste: Disposability Consciousness (Links to an external site.); Two Adults, Two Kids, Zero Waste | Bea Johnson | TEDxFoggyBottom (Links to an external site.); and The Business Logic of Sustainability Ray Anderson TED (Links to an external site.).

Write a paper addressing the following questions:

Do you think it is possible for anyone to achieve a truly zero-waste lifestyle? Why or why not?
What are some fundamental shifts in consciousness—in the way we think about our consumption and waste production—that would have to change on the path toward such a lifestyle?
What do you see as some of the easiest steps one could make toward reducing waste production in the home?
What do you consider to be the greatest obstacles to reaching zero waste, and why? What are some methods of tackling those obstacles?
Do you think that you and your household would ever be able to reach zero waste? Why or why not?
Looking beyond the home, do you think that corporations can attain zero waste? What are some of the pros and cons a company might consider before pursuing that goal?
Can humans live sustainably on Earth and still produce waste? Why or why not?


Your written paper should be 3 pages, not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.
You need to cite at least four sources for this assignment, outside of the textbook. T
Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center