Chromatography Lab Report

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Chromatography Lab Report
Institutional Affiliation:
The purposes of this experiment are to calculate the Retention factor and assess the purity
of the compounds. The Rf values provide valuable information about the relative mobility of
each of the compounds on the thin-layer chromatography plate therefore aiding in their
identification. Examination of the spots on the Thin Layer Chromatography plate can assess the
purity of each coloured compound.
Chromatography separates and identifies compounds within mixtures based on their
difference in affinities for stationary and mobile phases. In this thin-layer chromatography
experiment, we will employ a stationary phase which has a high degree of polarity and solvent to
investigate the separation of coloured compounds within the mixture and the analysis of
analgesic drugs.
We predict that polar compounds within the mixtures will exhibit stronger interactions
given the high polar nature of the stationary phase, and, thus slower migration compared to the
less polar compounds (Poole et al., 2023). We hypothesize that we can assess the purity of the
individual compounds within the mixture by the examination of the developed spots on the TLC
plate. Mixed compounds may result in the production of broader or less intense spots while pure
compounds should produce sharp and well-defined spots (Smielova et al., 2019). We predict that
compounds with greater polarity will have lower …
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