Chapter 8 The Jeffersonian Revolution Of 1800.edited

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Read and Answer Questions: Chapter 8 The Jeffersonian Revolution of 1800
1. How was Jefferson “complicated?”
Thomas Jefferson’s diverse personality and his nuanced approach to several facets of life and
administration demonstrate his complexity. On the one hand, Jefferson left a lasting impression
on the values and ideals of the country as a fervent supporter of liberty and democracy. He
fought for minimal government and people’s sovereignty, and his victory in 1800 signalled a
major turn in the right direction. Jefferson’s personal life and deeds, however, often ran counter
to his stated beliefs. Despite his outspoken opposition to slavery, he was a Southern planter who
employed a sizable number of enslaved people. He actively participated in the expansion of
state-chartered banks and the capitalistic world, but he also cherished the modest yeoman farmer.
His personal debt and financial choices ran counter to his opinions on governmental debt.
Jefferson was a complicated political strategist who combined lofty principles with pragmatic
politics. In person, he was quiet and endearing, but when he was not close, he could be brutal
(Wood, 2009).
2. Do you believe it was possibl …
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