Chapter 10 Summary 1103

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Chapter 10 Summary 1103
Chapter 10 Summary 1103
For a child’s overall development in all areas, it is imperative to support the development
of language from birth to age three. At this stage of development, the brains of kids are highly
responsive to language input, and they pick up grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills
quickly. I can employ several strategies to assist with the language development of children up to
three years old. The ability to have meaningful conversations regularly with young children is
essential. Their vocabulary and linguistic comprehension can be improved by conversing with
them about their environment, describing things and activities, and posing open-ended questions
(Arnett, 2019). I can also read aloud to kids because research has shown that doing so helps them
develop their language skills. Young readers establish their skills in language after being exposed
to new vocabulary, sentence patterns, and storytelling techniques. In addition, I am able to give
kids the chance to play pretend and participate in interactive activities that will improve their
vocabulary. Using words and phrases while they …
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Chapter 10 Summary 1103
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