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Case Study 1: Chapter 8 Diabetes (Case of Mr. TJ)
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Case Study 1: Chapter 8 Diabetes (Case of Mr. TJ)
1. The cardiovascular risk factors for Mr. TJ.
a. Hypertension: His blood pressure reading of 140/82 mmHg indicates hypertension, a
significant cardiovascular risk factor.
b. Dyslipidemia: The patient’s lipid profile reveals elevated triglycerides (TG) at 198 mg/dl
and low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol at 30 mg/dl, indicators of
c. Diabetes Mellitus: Mr. TJ has type 2 diabetes with poor glycemic control as evidenced by
a fasting glucose of 150 mg/dl and an HbA1c level of 8.8%.
d. Obesity: His body fat percentage of 28.2% and a weight of 225 lb indicate obesity
associated with increased cardiovascular risk.
e. Previous coronary artery bypass graft surgery indicates a history of coronary artery
disease, a major cardiovascular risk factor.
2. Goals for Mr. TJ.
a. Improve glycemic control: Aim to reduce HbA1c to a less than 7% target.
b. Reduce body weight: Aim for gradual weight loss to achieve a healthier body mass index
c. Lower blood pressure: Aim to reduce blood pressure to a target of less than 130/80
d. Improve lipid profile: Target a reduction in triglycerides and an increase in HDL
3. Exercise Prescription for Mr. TJ:
Week 1:
Mode: Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking.
Intensity: Start at 50-60% of VO2 max based on a moderate intensity as re …
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Case Study Diabetes
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