Business Strategy 2

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MISM6200.17937.202410-Business Strategy
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MISM6200.17937.202410-Business Strategy
Executive Summary
The business world should be ready to adapt to the dynamic changes the world
experiences as technology keeps advancing. The following section discusses a strategy Wawa, a
prepared foods store, should adopt to ensure its customers continue getting the products without
them having to visit the stores physically. Also, it identifies the critical value chain aspects to
enable this strategy. Additionally, it identifies the company’s core competencies and strengths in
terms of resources to allow this strategy’s success. It also provides a graphical representation of
these aspects and lists the external environment elements to be engaged when implementing this
strategy. It also highlights the solution to tackling the external challenges.
Clear Strategy Recommendation
The most convenient contactless strategy for Wawa to adopt is an in-store pick-up station.
Intrinsically, customers consider various factors before opting to go for a particular product.
These include collecting their orders at their most convenient time. This eliminates their need to
wait for their deliveries at a specific time. (Chen et al., 2023). Also, the cost is relatively reduced
as the product is delivered closer to one’s home, and one can conveniently return the item if the
need arises. In addition, one does not need to w …
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