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a) Jake will most likely raise the legal issue of negligence in his claim against Ronnie for
wounds suffered within the collision. He will contend that Ronnie failed to work out the level of
care that a sensible individual would in similar circumstances, resulting in the crash and Jake’s
wounds. Specific components must be demonstrated to establish a claim of negligence. These
components regularly include duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Jake would have to
illustrate that Ronnie owed him a duty of care. In this situation, as both individuals were
operating vehicles on the road, they both had a duty to work out sensible care and take afteractivity laws to guarantee the safety of others. Jake would need to build up a causal association
between Ronnie’s breach of obligation and the wounds he endured. In this case, Jake may
contend that had Ronnie not been speeding, he would have had more time to respond and
possibly avoid the collision inside and out. Hence, Ronnie’s breach of obligation specifically
caused Jake’s wounds. Jake seems to contend that Ronnie fizzled to require suitable sly activity
to dodge the collision, supporting the carelessness claim.
b) Negligence, as depicted within the Canvas PowerPoint videos, alludes to the
disappointment in exercising the level of care that a sensible individual would in comparative
circumstances, resulting in hurt or dama …
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