Bus 110 Discussion Module 4

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Cousins Maine Lobster
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Cousins Maine Lobster
Question 1
Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac, two cousins, are primarily searching for franchisees who have a
real passion for what they do and go above and beyond to support the company simply for financial
gain. They appreciate people who are prepared to put their time, energy, and hearts into the project.
It is clear from Sabin’s comment that he places a strong premium on zeal and commitment: “The
most important thing is maintaining your brand, and to maintain your brand, you have to take care,
and if you have care for what you do, the money will come.” They look for franchisees who see
their job as an opportunity to uphold and promote the brand’s values and quality standards,
ultimately contributing to the growth of the company rather than merely a way to make money.
Question 2
Several personal traits helped Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac succeed as entrepreneurs. First, they
were determined and took risks to start a food truck business without expertise. They faced
problems, learned, and adapted as they navigated the steep restaurant business learning curve.
Their dedication to excellence was evident in their emphasis on quality and customer service,
which they demonstrated by insisting on serving the best Maine lobster and providing courteous
service. Cousins Maine Lobster values passion, innovation, and family. Jim and Sabin encourage
their franchisees to manage their own companies unde …
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