Behavioral Based Interview Preparation.

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Behavioral-Based Interview Preparation
Part 1
1. Challenging Situation
A common challenge experienced in the nursing field is personnel shortages. While working
as a nursing trainer I experienced a challenging situation in the form of an emergency while the
hospital had a shortage of nurses. The emergency demanded that all personnel be available to care
for the patients brought in. A bus rolled over and 15 patients arrived in critical condition. The
Nurse Manager was not available at the time and thus there was no way we could organize
ourselves to combat the emergency. Noticing that the situation could get out of hand, I first decided
to make calls to all nurses who were not on shift, thus cutting their off sessions to come back and
aid in addressing the emergency. I also made a call to the Nurse Manager who was far away and
could not make it back for a few hours. This meant that for a few hours while we waited for the
nurse manager I had to take up the leadership role and allocate tasks to different nurses within my
department. The most challenging part about this situation is that I was not a leader and I took the
role of leading people who are my peers while others were above me in terms of employee ranking.
It was also challenging to explain to them that I had been given authority by the nurse manager to
hold his position while he made his way to the hospital. After a while, all the nurses who were off
arrived, and thus I allocated di …
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