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Case study
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Case study
Viewpoints the author presents on the ethical management of people’s data in the paper.
This document examines the ethical considerations and challenges in managing
individuals’ data in the digital era. This statement underscores the potential advantages and
disadvantages of corporations engaging in data acquisition, retention, examination, and
dissemination (Dominique & Segalla, 2023). The author places significant emphasis on the
necessity of addressing five crucial concerns, commonly known as the “five Ps” – provenance,
purpose, protection, privacy, and preparation. Initially, the author underscores the significance
of giving due consideration to the provenance of data, encompassing both the data that firms
intend to acquire and those that they now own (Dominique & Segalla, 2023). Organizations are
strongly advised to exercise caution over the accumulation of black data, which frequently exists
in an unorganized and overlooked state yet possesses significant untapped value. The authors
emphasize the importance for companies to ensure the ethicality of data-gathering practices and
the alignment between the gathered data and its intended purpose.
Additionally, the publication explores the rationale behind data collecting. It emphasizes
organizations’ need to acquire supplementary consent if the data is intended for purposes beyond
those initially indicated to the data providers (Dominique & Segalla, …
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