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Press Release
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September 7, 2023.
Contact: Carter Elliot, IV
Press Secretary
Improving Maryland’s Public Health
Like most Americans, the people in Maryland are concerned with the status of public
health within the state. Governor Moore recognizes that residents’ health outcomes can be
influenced by numerous factors, including clean water, affordable housing, and access to and
quality of healthcare services (Hood et al., 2016). However, since these factors are adequately
catered for, the Governor would like to focus on increasing residents’ access to locations they
can use for regular physical activity, helping them attain their fitness and health goals. Regular
physical activity can improve a person’s physical and mental well-being (Strain et al., 2020).
This can reduce the likelihood of dying prematurely due to chronic ailments such as diabetes and
cardiovascular diseases (Strain et al., 2020).
However, despite people’s intention and willingness to engage in regular physical
activity, poor urban planning coupled with inadequate infrastructure to allow them to do this
might erode such intention and willingness (Tainio et al., 2021). Urban planning can shape
people’s opportunities for physical activity. Well-designed urban spaces encourage regular
physical activity by offering accessible and safe infrastructure, such as bike lanes, …
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B486 Press Release.edited
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