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Thesis Statement
The choices that is made regarding one’s appearance and living space reflect one’s personal
preferences, values, and the desire for self-expression.
Choices of Appearance and Living Space
In day-to-day lives, one settles on various decisions that mirror one’s uniqueness (Brubaker, 2020).
and healthy identity. This incorporates the choices people show up and living spaces (Von &
Lalicic, 2020). Their decisions with respect to clothing, hairstyles, body art, makeup, accessories,
home decor, furniture, and cleanliness (Sitar, 2020) all add to the novel articulation of our
Their appearance includes different angles like dress, hair, body art, cosmetics, and accessories
(TANYILDIZI & YOLCU, 2020). These decisions assume a huge part in the way people introduce
ourselves to the world. They permit them to grandstand their singular style, social legacy, and
individual taste (Jansen, 2020; Kim et al., 2020). Their living space, including its style, furniture,
cleanliness, and tidiness, is an augmentation of their character and way of life (Fingerman et al.,
2022). People’s decisions in this domain mirror their qualities, inclinations, and wanted
environment. Both their appearance and living space act as modes of self-articulation and mirror
their qualities. They permit people to convey who they are without saying a word. For example,
picking practical and morally created dress might mirror a guarantee of ecological expression and
social identity ( …
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