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HA237-301, Fall 23
Professor Snodgrass
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QUESTION 1 (10 points)
The earliest fashion history books included dress from all over the world, but this soon
changed. By the 20th century, fashion had (wrongly) been defined as a purely Western
phenomenon in fashion history books. Please briefly discuss some of the many reasons for
A number of reasons contributed to fashion being purely defined as Western phenomenon
in the 20th century. First, scholars and academia often had bias towards European culture thus
excluding non-western cultures from history including fashion history. In addition, European
imperialism and imposition western culture other cultures led to suppression of native fashion
traditions. There was widespread perception that western fashion was superior over other
cultures. Also, major western cities became popular fashion capitals setting fashion trends that
dominated global fashion scene.
QUESTION 2 (10 points)
We’ve talked about how different cultures have different definitions of what it means to be
dressed. Describe what being properly dressed looks like in two different cultures we’ve
The meaning of being properly dressed varies across cultures. What one culture perceives
as being properly dressed in one culture may be perceived as incident dressing in another culture.
For instance, proper dress for Igbo women is that they should wear garment that covers her body
in a way that the Christian missions considered modest. Igbo d …
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