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Fundamentals of Safety
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PHC 361
Paper Assignment
1. What is the difference between Risk and Hazard
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(You can write a question)
2. What is the role of Promotion and Education in
Occupational Safety and Health?
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Dr. Abdallah Ahmed A. Belal
Out of 10
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Assignment must be submitted with properly filled cover sheet (Name, ID, CRN,
Submission date) in word document, PDF is not accepted.
Word count should be 500 to 750 words.
Text size 12-Times New Roman only.
Mention the References in APA format.
Avoid Plagiarism, “Don’t copy and Paste from Internet, Book or student
Release date: 17-9-2023__________________Due date: 30-9-2023
Question 1
A hazard can be defined as a condition, substance, activity, that possesses the inherent
potential to cause harm, damage, or danger. Hazards come in various forms, ranging from natural
occurrences like earthquakes and hurricanes to human-made hazards such as hazardous
chemicals, industrial machinery, or even social and economic factors. Crucially, hazards exist
irrespective of whether there is any exposure to them. They represent the underlying danger.
Risk is a comprehensive concept that combines the probability or likelihood of a hazard
causing harm with the severity of the poten …
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