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MATH1152 Mathematics for Health Sciences II
Linear Equations Project
Student Number:
Submit Solution file by email ( in pdf format by due
October 8 at 11:00 pm. Make sure your name and ID number are visible on the pdf
Make this page your title page (front page) (1 mark lost if no title page)
Put Part #2 solution first
Put Part #1 solutions second
One file only

Late Project: will receive a 10% deduction per day for up to 5 days. A day
includes any day that the college is open or closed. Submitting after 11:59pm
counts as late.

Weight: 15%

Due: Sunday October 8th (11:59pm)
Part 1
Goal: Graph an image/figure using lines and restrictions! (50 marks in total)
Use the interactive online graphing tool “Desmos” to help you [].
1. Draw an image or figure (e.g. cat, fox, flower, bicycle, etc.) on paper. (5 marks)
2. Reconstruct the figure on a Cartesian plane using only lines with restrictions and
points. Be as close as you can. Make sure you write clearly the equation of each
line that you use. Make sure you show both the x and y-axis, points, all restrictions on
the x and y, and all calculations for each line you put in the table (15 marks)
On the graph, for full marks you must have:
i. at least one line with a positive slope;
ii. at least one line with a negative slope;
iii. one line that is horizontal; any additional horizontal line is …
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Attachment 1 40
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