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Mandatory Conscription Outline
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Current Thesis: The United States should not have mandatory military conscription since it
infringes on the freedom of people to choose what to do with their lives and creates loopholes for
manipulation by people in power for offense wars, increases military expenditure, discourages
military performance outcomes in addition to being unnecessary as the US military has an
adequate workforce as is.
Main Point #1: Mandatory conscription infringes the right to liberty and free choice
Evidence: Tarabar & Hall (2016) acknowledge the role of academic achievement, demographic
structure, and democracy as the main barriers to mandatory conscription because some people
have different perspectives of how their lives should go. Similarly, Paul (2006) highlights the
importance of democracy and liberty in the US and the need to protect citizens from their
interference, common with mandatory military conscription. It also sparks concerns about social
control (Armstrong, 2006).
Analysis: The growing rates of academic achievement, changes in demographic structure, and
democracy hinder the application of mandatory conscription, pinpointing the growing desire for
US citizens to pursue their personal goals along the lines of occupation. Enforcing mandatory
conscription violates the freedom and liberty to do as they please by forcing them down a career
path that could endanger their lives or hind …
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Attachment 1 2023 07 08t192921.006
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