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Assignment 3.1: Leadership Reflections
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1. Of the twelve “most important traits” you selected in Activity 3.1: Role of the
Leader, choose three that you feel are the most impactful. Explain why you think
each of these three traits is the most impactful for leaders to demonstrate.
Out of the 12 ‘most important traits’, I selected the following three traits as the most
impactful: good communication, motivator to others, and respectful of subordinates. Good
communication is a crucial trait for leaders because it is instrumental in the process of gaining
one’s followers’ trust, aligning organizational goals with policies and procedures, and inspiring
positive change in the organization (Landry, 2019). If a leader possesses poor communication
skills, there is a high likelihood that crucial information may be misinterpreted. Eventually,
organizational relationships will be jeopardized and barriers that hinder organizational progress
will be created (Landry, 2019).
A good leader should motivate one’s followers because employee motivation is a crucial
component of organizational success. Without motivation, employees cannot work hard and

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Assignment 3.1.edited 1
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