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Japan Airlines Flight 123
Japan Airlines Flight 123 was one of the incidents involving aircraft maintenance. Japan
Airlines Flight 123 operated a regularly scheduled domestic passenger route from Tokyo to
Osaka. There were 524 passengers on the Boeing 747. Twelve minutes into the flight, it had an
enormous decompression and a severe structural breakdown. Ultimately, the incident resulted in
the worst airplane disaster in aviation history. A Boeing 747SR-46 delivered to Japan Air Lines
in 1974 was involved in the catastrophe (Zaleski, 2023). At the time of the disaster, it had
accrued more than 25,000 flying hours and 18,800 cycles. There was a tail-hit incident involving
the same aircraft at Itami Airport. The aft pressure bulkhead sustained damage as a result of the
event. But Boeing specialists fixed the problem (Zaleski, 2023). From Tokyo’s Haneda Airport,
Flight 123 took off. Twelve minutes into the trip, a rapid decompression of the aircraft occurred.
All four hydraulic systems and the vertical stabilizer were destroyed due to the incident. For that
reason, the aircraft was unmanageable during that time.
Limited Control
The pilot made several attempts at recovery. After the pilot changed the engine thrust,
several issues occurred. These attempts brought on phugoid oscillations. It made the aircraft to
yaw uncontrollably. The pilots found it practically difficult to moderate …
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