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Name of Article: “Serious Sport Tourism and Event Travel Careers” by Donald Getz and Aaron
The paper explores the intriguing junction between serious athletic tourism, serious
leisure, and travel for events. This study, which Donald Getz and Aaron McConnell co-authored,
largely examines competitors in the TransRockies Challenge mountain bike race. In order to
better understand the motivations and preferences of highly engaged athletes in the context of
event-related travel, the research applies serious leisure and ego-involvement theory. The writers
start by defining “serious leisure,” which is defined as the methodical pursuit of a significant,
engaging, and gratifying amateur activity that people undertake as if it were a vocation. Six
distinguishing features differentiate serious leisure from casual leisure, including the requirement
for persistence, a distinctive ethos, and a strong sense of identity. The study broadens this idea to
sports tourism and emphasizes how many committed sports fans build travel careers around
competitive events. This viewpoint change acknowledges how engaging in competitive sporting
events often has similarities with serious recreational pursuits.
Ego involvement and its impact on leisure, travel, and lifestyle hobbies are still being
discussed in this article. An unobservable state of motivation or interest in a product or
recreational activity that affects customer choices and behavior is referred to a …
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