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Article Critique
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Article Critique
“Transformational Leadership and Team Performance in Sports Teams”
The article “Transformational Leadership and Team Performance in Sports Teams” was
written by Merce Mach, Aristides Ferreira, and Antonio Abrantes and published in 2022. The
article examines how transformational leadership relates to team performance in sports. The
authors test how transformational leadership can promote team performance with the help of
team cohesion. They also test how the team performance and leadership consensus have
previously moderated the relationship between transformational leadership and team
performance. They utilized a moderated approach and collected their data for analysis from a
sample of six hundred and ninety players who were qualified at professional levels in fifty-nine
Spanish professional teams (Mach et al., 2022). These participants came from various team
sports, such as football, hockey, handball, and basketball. The findings showed that
transformational leadership affects team performance indirectly, thus demonstrating that
transformational leadership is significant in sports teams.
The methodology utilized in this study is robust and appropriate for this research as it
effectively provides scientifically good findings. The utilization of questionnaires provides a
structured data collection format as it ensures that al …
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