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Addressing the loss of effective knowledge transfer of online learning in Technical
University students
The Covid 19 pandemic and outbreak significantly influenced and impacted the
transformation of several sectors worldwide. Several governmental organizations implemented
regulations and rules to help mediate the virus in response to the pandemic. In light, educational
institutions also enforced policies that specifically favored containment of the measures and
highlighted social distancing by replacing traditional learning with online classes. In the struggle
to adapt and mold to the ‘new normal’ during the pandemic, online courses provided a building
block for teachers and students to provide teaching and learning during a problematic era (Ferri
et al., 2020). However, despite the significant measures to ensure student learning and teaching,
online education and learning do not effectively accommodate knowledge transfer from the
teachers to the students, majorly due to several pivotal factors such as loss of attentiveness and
lack of practical evaluation. In addition, the delivery of online classes mainly focuses on
theoretical frameworks in education, which fails to account for knowledgeable, applicable, and
societal concepts that are fundamental in academic processes. This concern, while it can be
manageable from the continuous vast development of technology in educatio …
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