Arabian Aromas Business Plan.edited

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Arabian Aromas Business Plan
Arabian Aromas Business Plan
Owners, capital structure, and company profile
Business Name: Arabian Aromas
Address: Olaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12212, Saudi Arabia
Form of ownership: Partnership
Ahmed (Co-Owner)- Ahmed has years of expertise in the coffee industry, as well as a great
enthusiasm for Arabic coffee traditions and a dedication to finding the highest quality coffee
beans. His specialty is perfecting the technique of roasting, brewing, and presenting coffee.
Fatima (Co-Owner)- Fatima is a committed partner with company management and customer
service expertise. She is passionate about establishing a warm and friendly environment at the
café and ensuring guests have an amazing experience.
Investment capital:
Initial investment: $100,000
Source of capital: The capital is provided by the partners, $50,000 each
Company Overview
Arabian Aromas is a pleasant and warm café in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was created
by Ahmed and Fatima, two passionate business owners. Their goal is to provide a
welcoming and genuine Arabic coffee experience, making it a popular destination for
residents and tourists. For coffee lovers, the café is a haven where the revered and timeold traditions of Arabian coffee are respected. Arabian Aromas is positioned to take the
lead in Riyadh as the go-to spot for people wanting a true Arabian coffee experience
because of its …
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