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1. The structure of a textbook can vary, but it typically includes introductory sections, chapters or
units organized by topics, subheadings within each chapter, illustrations, examples, exercises,
and a conclusion or summary section.
2. The idea that music is principally to be “understood” is a notion characteristic of Western
culture. In Western music, there is often an emphasis on analyzing and comprehending the
structure, harmony, and meaning of the music.
3. “The Marriage of Figaro” is an opera composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It’s set in 18thcentury Spain and is a comedic and satirical work that reflects the social and class dynamics of
the time. Three things it tells us about the people of that time and place are their interest in opera
as a form of entertainment, their fascination with complex character relationships, and their
willingness to engage with themes of soc …
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