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Question 1.
Utilizing Value Chain Analysis to Identify a Company’s
Strengths and Weaknesses
Identification of Primary Activities
Value chain analysis starts with identifying the fundamental processes that go into creating
a company’s goods or services. These pre-processing tasks cover operations, sales, outbound
logistics, marketing, and customer service (Dubey et al., 2020). When closely scrutinized, these
acts can disclose strengths and shortcomings.
A business can pinpoint areas where it excels in its core competencies by evaluating its
effectiveness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness at each value chain level. For instance, a
corporation may have a cost advantage over rivals if its production process is exceptional, which
is a considerable strength.
On the other hand, when assessing primary activities, flaws can be discovered. For
instance, if the marketing and sales staff need help reaching the target market, this shortcoming
may impede the company’s expansion. By identifying these flaws, the business may concentrate
on areas for improvement.
Identification of Support Activities
Infrastructure for the business, resource management, technological development, and
procurement are examples of support activities (McWilliam et al., 2020). These actions are
essential for the effective operation of elementary activities.
Strengths like a well-trained workforce, reliable IT systems, or eff …
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