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Question 1:
Explain the decision-making approach discussed in this case study (250–300 words) (2.5
The decision-making approach discussed in this supplier selection case study is an integrated
group decision-making method that combines the ELECTRE (ELimination Et Choix
Traduisant la REalité) approach and rough set theory to handle the vagueness and subjectivity
inherent in sustainable supplier selection decisions. In detail, there is a panel of expert
decision-makers who are experienced in how supplier selection is established. These experts
determine the evaluation criteria for suppliers, covering economic, environmental, and social
sustainability parameters, although the social aspect is often omitted. Next, the rough set
theory mechanism is leveraged to determine weights for each criterion from the experts’
subjective judgments. Since each expert has their own individual knowledge and experience,
they may have vagueness and imprecision in their cognitive assessments. The rough set
theory tool uses the concept of upper and lower approximations to capture this vagueness in
the form of flexible bounds around the experts’ judgments rather than precise numbers.
Following the establishment of criteria and weights, a rough decision matrix is created by
combining the assessments from all experts for every supplier-criterion combination. Next,
rough concordance and discorda …
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