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Hoory, L. (2023, March 8). The State Of Workplace Communication In 2023. Forbes Advisor.
Retrieved from on October 18, 2023
With 92 million workers, or 58% of the workforce, working remotely by 2023, remote
work will be a standard workplace characteristic. The states with the largest number of remote
workers are Colorado and Maryland, where 28% of respondents utilize VoIP (voice-overinternet-protocol) phone systems, according to a Forbes Advisor poll. An average of twenty
hours a week are spent by employees using electronic means of communication, in accordance to
the survey, which makes sixty percent of respondents feel more burned out. Other technologies
are needed for effective engagement in various work situations. Although Google Meet and
Zoom are well-liked choices for remote and hybrid workers, in-person communication is still
crucial. The most widely used digital communication methods are still calls and emails, despite
the abundance of alternative options. The study emphasizes how important it is to foster cultures
of good communication in order to lessen burnout and enhance productivity, job happiness, and
trust in management and teams (Hoory, 2023).
Smith, A, & Bottorff, C. (2023). 10 Best Call Center Software (2023). Forbes Advisor. Retrieved
from …
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Answer 1 9
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