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Cognition Theory Application
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Cognition Theory Application
Andrews’s strength is that he does not have a scary issue of PTSD. A family strength that
is present is the willingness to pursue therapy.
A presenting problem in this case is the idea that Andrew faces issues in school regarding
the learning process. Another presenting problem is the availability of an issue of PTSD when it
comes to the FOC. There is also an issue of possible effects of trauma when it comes to the
experiences that Andrew had as a child.
A piece of information that is missing is whether the idea presented by the mother in
relation to Andrew being circumcised is true and whether such information can be tied to some
of the fears that Andrew has. A question that I have for the family is whether the mother
provided any form of evidence for her claims. Another question is whether they sought doctors’
advice in relation to the issue.
A cultural factor to be aware of is what type of culture Andrew was brought up with
while he was in the care of his biological parents. A potential issue of bias is the aspect of being
able to de …
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