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Analyzing Managerial Decisions: A Case of Medford University
Analyzing Managerial Decisions: A Case of Medford University
According to the case study, we can ascertain that Medford University is a reputable
higher learning institution that focuses on conducting research. It has a population of over nine
thousand students who take different undergraduate courses offered in the various faculties,
including fine law school, medical school, and liberal arts school. Additionally, it has employed
over ten thousand employees, a more significant portion of whom are workers at the university
hospital. However, we can determine from the case that Medford University is under severe
financial constraints and losing its competitive edge over quality learners from other learning
institutions. As a result, the university hospital is being pushed to cut costs (Brickley et al.,
2021). This paper focuses on the managerial decisions that Medford University management
must consider to elevate the continued pressure arising due to financial constraints.
Question 1
Brickley et al.’s (2021) case study determined that University President Hiromi
Kobayashi thought about the impact of changing the fringe benefit plan on the existing and
future workforce. Hiromi Kobayashi included officials from many departments and the director
of the university hospital, who has experience running a business and handling a variety of
employee issues, in order to solicit feedback a …
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Analyzing Managerial Decisions 3
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