Analyzing And Addressing Authority 1

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Analyzing and Addressing Authority-Power Gap in a Nursing Leadership Role
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Analyzing and Addressing Authority-Power Gap in a Nursing Leadership Role
In this particular situation, a senior nursing student has been designated to take on a
leadership role within a small team comprising of a registered nurse (RN), a licensed vocational
nurse/licensed practical nurse, and a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The student is faced with
difficulties in effectively establishing authority and demonstrating leadership while being
assigned this duty by the RN preceptor. The certified nursing assistant (CNA) declines
participation in a patient care activity, while a physician derogatorily labels the student as the
“authentic nurse,” so emphasizing a disparity in authority and power dynamics. The student
endeavors to identify strategies for mitigating this disparity and foresees encountering such
obstacles in their prospective position as a novice registered nurse.
Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Model (Integrated Ethical Problem-Solving Model)
The case study presents a leadership scenario that highlights concerns over the disparity
between authority and power within the healthcare team. In order to tackle this matter, the
Integrated Ethical Problem-Solving Model will be utilized to discern, assess, and overcome the
difficulties encountered by the senior nursing studen (Whitehead et al 2021).
1. Identification of the Proble …
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Analyzing And Addressing Authority 1
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