Analysis Of Kirks Statement

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Analysis of Kirk’s Statement
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Analysis of Kirk’s Statement
Kirk suggests understanding how contemporary economic imperialism operates is the foundation
for potential revolutionary change. I agree that this awareness of economic imperialism
mechanisms leads to a theoretical framework. People use the framework to build their desire for
change. As a result, it eventually fuels revolutionary movements.
I believe that Kirk argues that people in the third world are becoming increasingly aware of the
economic imperialism imposed on their nations. The awareness means they understand how
external forces manipulate their economies (Kirk, 1980). In my opinion, the external forces Kirk
refers to are the developed countries that use resources from third-world countries for their
benefit. Therefore, the statement highlights the oppressive nature of economic imperialism.
I agree with Kirk that this understanding provides a theoretical framework to implement change.
People in the third world may challenge the status quo when they realize that foreign influences
govern their economic systems (Kirk, 1980). Their reliance on ou …
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Analysis Of Kirks Statement
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