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Business Plan for Riyadh Brew Haven
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Business Plan for Riyadh Brew Haven
Welcome to the business plan for Riyadh Brew Haven, an innovative project to redefine
Saudi Arabia’s coffee culture (Hayes, 2023). We want to provide our guests with more than simply
a cup of coffee, and we hope to do this with our strategy by crafting a genuine, immersive
experience that is rich in Saudi Arabian culture. The goal of Riyadh Brew Haven is to unite
communities and celebrate the rich customs of this dynamic country by becoming the center of
Riyadh’s coffee culture. Come along on this trip as we discuss our objectives, business plan, and
dedication to providing quality in every drink and every moment.”
Owners, Capital Organization, and Overview of the Company
Name of Business, Address, and Email:
➢ Business Name: “Riyadh Brew Haven”
➢ Address: 123 Main Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
➢ Email:
Form of Ownership:
Our deliberate choice to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) as our legal form is
meant to protect individual assets while allowing room for expansion in the future (Fernando,
2022). Owners of an LLC are shielded from personal responsibility, which means that in the case
of a lawsuit or debt incurred by the company, their personal assets are safeguarded. Furthermore,
an LLC provides the flexibility needed for possible joint ventures or investment possibilities since
it eliminates the c …
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