American Dairy Farm

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American Dairy Farm
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American Dairy Farm
As one delves into the profound transformations taking place within the agricultural
sector due to the participation of prominent retail giants such as Walmart and Costco, the
intricate cascade of outcomes becomes evident (NBC news, 2018). The transformation is
evident in the thought-provoking observations provided by the NBC News documentary titled
“The Last Days of an American Dairy Farm,” along with Alan Guebert’s perceptive analysis
titled “Costco, Walmart aspire to wield agricultural influence.” The named sources offer a vivid
portrayal of the far-reaching transformations in the agricultural sector.
Personal Reactions
The documentary captures the story of an American dairy farm facing its inevitable
end. The images of hardworking farmers, their families, and their animals evoke a powerful
sense of nostalgia and empathy. It is a stark reminder of the deeply personal connections
individuals have with their land and animals, which are profoundly disrupted when big
businesses step in (NBC news, 2018). On the other hand, Guebert’s commentary further
underscores the sweeping changes happening in the industry. Walmart’s entry into milk bottling
and Costco’s foray into poultry farming represent a seismic shift in the agricultural landscape.
The moves are not just about profit but they also redefine the relationship between retail and
agriculture, presenting both oppo …
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American Dairy Farm
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